Call for Programs 2020

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are happy to announce that this year’s 24 th  Prix Marulic will take place from May 9 th  - 14 th  2020 in Hvar, on the island of Hvar, Croatia! 
Prix Marulic – Old Texts Revisited is an annual festival of audio plays and documentaries based on texts from literary and cultural heritage. It is unique thanks to the ambiance that the morning and afternoon listening sessions take place in (more info about the historical settings of the town of Hvar can be found on our website). In the evening, discussions are held and everyone is welcome to join the jury and participate in the talks about the presented programs of that day.   
The  festival  unveils  the  different  approaches  in  presenting  old  literary  texts  and  our  cultural heritage pre-dating 1921 to the modern listener.
The intentions of the festival are to revive our heritage. To further explain:  
„Old texts” refers to literature in its widest sense, regardless of genre or form, i.e. all literary works inherited from the past. This includes plays based on unwritten cultural legacy and texts that escape strict  literary  definition.  An  old  text  in  this  context  is  considered  to  be  any  text  or  non-material
heritage pre-dating 1921 (including that year), which marks the occurrence of the first radio drama.
Please read the regulations very carefully to avoid making any mistakes which may result in the possibility of your entry being declined.
For pre-selection – by February 3 rd  2020 the latest, we need you to send: 
1.  Registration Form (including Summary AND Synopsis) to
We kindly ask you to submit the summary (max 1500 characters with spaces - included on the Registration Form) and synopsis of your program for the purpose of pre-selection. 
It is important that your synopsis is detailed and precise enough  (approx. 3 pages for Dramas  and  Documentaries  and  1  page  for  Short  Forms).    If  you  already  have  a  full English translation of the program, it is not necessary that you send us a synopsis!
2.   Programs - audio files in WAV format, 24 bit, 48kHz should be sent by We Transfer –  to   Level according to the new standard: -23 LUFS (EBU standard R128) - Loudness. Maximum allowed True Peak level: -1dBTPPrograms should be clearly named: “Country-Category-Program Title” i.e. “Croatia-Drama-Antigona”
● Pre-selection results will be announced by March 5, 2020.  All applicants will be notified of the results.  
● Accreditation forms must be sent by April 5, 2020.  
● For selected entries 40 printed copies of the original text with its English translations (page by page) must be received by post by April 17, 2020.
As usual, we will have a special offer for "Prix Marulic" delegates from Suncani Hvar Hotels ready in due time.
Please  share  this information about  the  Prix  Marulic  Festival with  your  colleagues  (radio  authors, directors, writers, sound engineers, etc.), who may be interested in attending the Festival.
We are looking forward to hearing all of your wonderful dramas, documentaries and short forms.  
May the best works win!
Prix Marulic Festival Team
Contact info:
HRT – Croatian Radiotelevision, Prisavlje 3, 10000 Zagreb
tel.: + 385 1  634 3928